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nutrients fertilizer

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Hydroponic Growth

Introducing the best nutrients system for deep water culture hydroponics.

Get stable PH through the entire grow cycle. Simple with professional results. Just follow the feeding schedule!

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Enhanced Growth

Using Cultured Solutions results in vigorous vegetative growth and abundant flowering/fruiting.

Healthier Plants

Plants nurtured with Cultured Solutions are healthy and resilient, leading to more robust yields.


Save money due to the cost savings of concentrated formulas and efficiency of nutrient uptake.

Expertly Formulated

Science-backed formulation designed to maximize flowering, fruiting, and vegetative growth.

pH Stability

Excellent pH stability for nutrient uptake, a critical factor in hydroponic gardening.

Versatile and Effective

These nutrients can be used for a wide range of hydroponic systems, catering to all levels of hydroponic enthusiasts.

Our Premium Hydroponic Nutrient Lineup

Tailored solutions for every stage of plant growth.

Cultured Solutions Nutrients Features

Comprehensive Nutrition

Get balanced NPK ratios and the inclusion of essential minerals and chelated nutrients for optimal plant health.

Easy to Use

Cultured solutions nutrients simplify the hydroponic growing process, suitable even for beginners.

Safe for Plants

These are among the most safe nutrients for DWC hydroponic plants. Refer to our safety guide for any questions.

Cultured Solutions Bloom A Quart

Get Started with Cultured Solutions Nutrients Today

Achieve a vibrant, lush hydroponic garden with healthy, flowering plants from home.  Try our nutrients now.

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“Current Culture H2O you guys are brilliant!!

Your systems are absolutely the best, your nutes line combined with my 4xl 13 gal just offers the best of the best, ph extremely stable also with tap water @ 350 400 ppm. I am here just to say that I am very very satisfied and wanna thank you very much for your entire line of nutrients and system 4xl13, very very professional.”


“Best nutrients system for DWC. Stable PH through entire cycle. Simple with professional results. Just follow the feeding schedule to a T.”

Keith Barnett

“I love this stuff that works excellent in my deep water culture system”


“The best prevention for root issues in hydroponics that I’ve found in over 20 years growing.”