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HydroBucket: Deep Water Culture
Made Easy for Indoor Growers

HydroBucket is the ultimate Deep Water Culture (DWC) hydroponics system designed
specifically for plant and medicine home growers like you.

Why Deep
Water Culture?

DWC hydroponics allows growers to have full control over their plants' nutrient mix, with the ability to see and know exactly what they're working with.


Simplify the Deep Water Culture (DWC) hydroponic process and eliminate many common challenges faced by those using traditional DWC systems.

image of hydrobucket easy setup

Easy to Setup and Use

HydroBucket's external reservoir allows growers to easily add nutrients, test the solution, and monitor the health of their plants without disturbing the roots or lifting the plant.

Simplified Maintenance

Perfect for growers who prefer isolating plant issues without affecting the entire system.

image of hydrobucket with plant

Space-Saving Design

Designed specifically for home growers, HydroBucket optimizes the use of space in small growing areas, making it an excellent choice for those with limited room for their gardens.

image of hydrobucket


HydroBucket is perfect for growers of all skill levels, including seniors, people with disabilities, and those who have difficulty handling traditional soil-based growing methods. Its user-friendly design makes it an accessible option for everyone.

Improved Plant Growth

Create a lush "sea of green" increasing light exposure and aeration which then promotes optimal growth and maximizing yields.

image hydrobucket efficient water use

Efficient Water Use

HydroBucket allows for less water, making it more environmentally friendly and cost effective for indoor growers. Additionally, the flat sides of the side-resovoir allows for secure fits and plumbing for RDWC systems.

Enjoy the benefits of DWC hydroponics without the hassle and complexities of
traditional systems

image of one hydrobucket

Reduce DIY Hassles

Forget about makeshift 5-gallon buckets and complex setups. HydroBucket offers a polished, professional look and superior performance in one package.

image of hydrobucket showing roots

Innovative Deep Water Culture Technology

Harness the power of our cutting-edge DWC system, designed to maximize plant growth and yields while simplifying the growing process.

Specially Designed for Indoor Growers

Our DWC system is tailored to the needs of indoor growers, providing an easy-to-use and efficient solution for cultivating plants in the comfort of your home.

image of indoor hydroponics

HydroKit Starter

image of hydrokit starter

HydroKit Advanced

image of hydrokit advanced

HydroKit Professional

image of hydrokit professional
image of hydrobucket in sun
image of deep water culture hydroponics
image of hydroponic bucket system
image of hydropod with plant
image of hydrobucket with plant
image of hydrobucket indoor system