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About the HydroBucket

The HydroBucket is an innovative DWC hydroponics system that features a side reservoir,
making it easier for growers to maintain their plants without lifting and moving them.

Effortless Nutrient

Easily change nutrient solutions, check pH levels,
and clean the system.

Versatile Plant

Accommodate a variety of plants,
like vegetables.

Stress-Free Plant

Avoid stressing plants during

Accessible Hydroponic

Enjoy a more accessible hydroponics experience,
even for those with mobility limitations.

image of complete indoor hydroponic grow system

The HydroBucket Story

Mitchell's Passion for Growing

Mitchell, the inventor of HydroBucket, has always been passionate about growing plants, particularly through hydroponics. He began his journey with DIY projects, utilizing items like the Rona 5-gallon bucket to grow vegetables, tomatoes, and cucumbers.

image of Mitchell with diy systems

The Limitations of DIY Systems

Mitchell soon discovered the limitations of traditional 5-gallon bucket systems and DIY approaches. The technique of scrogging (Screen of Green) wasn't possible with these setups, preventing the plants from spreading out and forming a "sea of green."

The Birth of HydroBucket

Determined to find a solution, Mitchell created HydroBucket, a hydroponic system designed to overcome the limitations of conventional DIY approaches. HydroBucket enables growers to create a sea of green, allowing plants to spread out and thrive in a more controlled environment.

image of hydrobuckets

The HydroBucket Purpose

HydroBucket exists to simplify hydroponics and deep water culture for passionate growers like Mitchell.
By addressing the shortcomings of DIY setups, HydroBucket empowers home growers to cultivate a wide variety of
plants with greater ease and efficiency.

Our Vision


Empowering individuals to cultivate their own plants and produce.

Promotion of Medicinal
Benefits of Gardening

Sharing knowledge and expertise to help others succeed in their growing journey.


Sharing knowledge and expertise to help others succeed in their growing journey.

Get More
People Growing

Encouraging more individuals to embrace the benefits of home-growing and hydroponics.

image of a person holding hydrolid with plant roots
image of a person cleaning hydrobucket

Our Mission

After experiencing the frustrations of existing DWC technology firsthand, Mitchell embarked on a mission to create a better solution that simplifies deep water culture for growers of all levels.

HydroBucket is quickly becoming the industry standard in Deep Water Culture Hydroponics by offering a convenient and efficient solution for home growers.

Who is the HydroBucket for?

Reviving DWC

Those who have tried deep water culture hydroponics and faced challenges or failures.

image of hydrobucket with plant


People interested in deep water culture hydroponics at home but were overwhelmed by its complexity.


Ideal for those with limited space, accommodating 1-8 plants with ease and convenience.

image of indoor hydrobucket system

Individual Plant Management

Perfect for growers who prefer isolating plant issues without affecting the entire system.

Age & Mobility

Suitable for seniors, people with disabilities, or those who prefer avoiding heavy soil bags.

image of best indoor hydroponic grow system with hydrobucket

Educational Institutions

Those institutions that may want to teach the benefits of indoor growing with reduced hassle and setup.

Enjoy the benefits of DWC hydroponics
without the hassle and complexities of
traditional systems

Don't wait another day to unlock the full potential of your plants.

Embrace a simpler, more efficient deep water culture hydroponics system,
designed for growers of all skill levels and backgrounds.