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HydroPlug Seed

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Advanced Seed Starter Q Plug for Deep Water Culture Hydroponics - 12 Pack

Designed specifically to fit the HydroPod, the exclusive bonded soil formula delivers the optimal conditions for your plants to flourish. 

After selecting the healthiest germinated seed from your HydroPlug Seed, you can conveniently transfer it to the HydroPod. This step ensures continuity in the growth and development of your plant, capitalizing on the strengths of our unique hydroponic technology.

Key advantages:

  • Cutting-edge Hydroponic Innovation: The HydroPlug Pod boasts superior air porosity and water management, making it an ideal choice for deep water culture hydroponics.
  • Boosts Root Development: Demonstrated to stimulate root growth, leading to faster and healthier plants in a hydroponic setting.
  • Exclusive Bonded Soil: Offers a pristine and sanitary growth environment within your hydroponic system.
  • Tailor-made for HydroPod: The HydroPlug Pod is crafted for a perfect fit into the HydroPod, providing a unified hydroponic solution.
  • Improves Plant Vigor: Enhanced root systems lead to healthier and more resilient hydroponic plants.

Unlock the full capabilities of your HydroPod system and enjoy the benefits of healthier, quicker-growing plants.

The HydroPlug Seed is made in the US by International Horticulture Technologies as part of their Q plug product line.