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Seedling Starter Pack

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Kickstart Your Hydroponic Journey with Seedling Starter

Unlock the first step to a thriving hydroponic garden with our select items in the Seedling Starter pack.

This streamlined package focuses exclusively on the items you need in the seedling phase to ensure robust, healthy growth from the get-go.

With Seedling Starter, you receive:

  • 4x HydroPlugs
  • 4x HydroPods
  • 4x HydroFit
  • 1x 4 Site Lid

These carefully curated components provide an optimal environment for your seedlings, setting the stage for a successful harvest down the line.

For growers eager to expand beyond the seedling stage, consider integrating Seedling Starter with our complete HydroKits, or purchasing the HydroSeed. Together, they offer a full-circle solution from seed to harvest.