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Elevate Your Indoor Gardening Experience

Introducing our patented and innovative line of deep water culture products and kits.

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HydroPlug Seed

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ZoomPak Bags

Looking for a Complete Deep Water Culture
Hydroponics System?

Our HydroKits are specifically designed to provide indoor growers with everything
they need to get started and be successful with deep water culture.

image of hydrokit starter

HydroKit Starter

An accessible and user-friendly kit for those taking their first steps into the realm of deep water culture hydroponic gardening!

With the HydroKit Starter, you'll receive:

1 - HydroBucket
1 - HydroLid
1 - HydroPod
1 - AirStone
1 - AirPump
1 - High Quality Tubing
1 - HydroPlug Pod - Q plug
1 - HydroPlug Seed - advanced seedling starter Q plugs
1 - HydroFit 3.5" Neoprene Insert

*The newest version of the product is Black

image of hydrokit advanced

HydroKit Advanced

Ideal for the dedicated indoor gardener looking to take their hydroponic game to the next level!

With the HydroKit Professional, you'll receive:

2 - HydroBuckets
2 - HydroLids
2 - HydroPods
2 - AirStones
1 - AirPump (2 ports)
2 - High Quality Tubing packs
2 - HydroPlug Seed - advanced seedling starter Q plugs
2 - HydroFit 3.5" Neoprene Inserts

image of hydrokit professional

HydroKit Professional

Designed for serious indoor growers seeking a high-performance hydroponic setup to maximize their yield and results!

4 - HydroBuckets
4 - HydroLids
4 - HydroPods
4 - AirStones
1 - AirPump (4 ports)
4 - High Quality Tubing packs
4 - HydroPlug Seed - advanced seedling starter Q plugs
4 - HydroFit 3.5" Neoprene Inserts

image of hydrobucket in sun
image of deep water culture hydroponics
image of hydroponic bucket system
image of hydropod with plant
image of hydrobucket with plant
image of indoor hydroponic grow system