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Simplify Deep Water Culture Hydroponics Indoors

We create Deep Water Culture patented products and kits for indoor growers with small spaces.

Over 5,000 HydroBuckets sold!

image of hydrobucket with plant
image of hydrobucket in sun
image of dwc bucket
image of hydrobucket with plant
image of complete indoor hydroponic grow system
image of hydrolid with root
image of hydropod with plant
image of hydrobucket with plant
image of indoor hydroponic grow system

Elevate Your Indoor Gardening Experience

Experience the benefits of homegrown plants and partake in the exciting world of hydroponic gardening.

image of black hydrobucket

Improved Yields

Experience better results with our
purpose-designed DWC system.

Easier Setup

DWC system without the hassle of traditional DIY makeshift systems.

Accessible Growing

Suitable for seniors, people with disabilities, and those intimidated by traditional DWC systems.

More Enjoyable

Have fun while growing your plants at home and enjoy the benefits of gardening.

Grow With Confidence

Discover the future of home hydroponics with our easy-to-use, high-performing Deep Water Culture system.

image of hydopod with roots
image of dwc plant

Maximize Your Harvest

Achieve exceptional yields with our innovative Deep Water Culture solution designed for every grower.

image of indoor hydroponics

Simplified Growing

Cultivate thriving plants with our hassle-free DWC system, perfect for beginners and experienced growers a like.

Accessible Indoor

Embrace the benefits of hydroponic indoor gardening with our easy-to-use, space-efficient deep water culture system.

image of person with hydropod indoor gardening
image of hydrobucket with plant

Smart Gardening

Harness the power of advanced hydroponics in a user-friendly package tailored for home growers.

Experience the Benefits of
Homegrown Plants

With the Hydrobucket, you can avoid inconvenience and inaccessibility in traditional DWC systems,
such as changing the nutrient solution, checking pH, and cleaning.

The HydroBucket is designed for a wide range of users, including seniors, people with disabilities,
and those who have tried DWC and failed or found it too complex.

HydroKit Starter

image of hydrokit starter

HydroKit Advanced

image of hydrokit advanced

HydroKit Professional

image of hydrokit professional