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The HydroBucket

Plant maintenance without the hassle

For budding DWC hydroponics growers who want a hassle free system - grow in the HydroBucket.

  • Access your solution from the side reservoir
  • Fill the bucket with the lid still on
  • Never disturb your plant or the roots

Simplifed DWC Hydroponics

90-day full money-back guarantee

Over 2,500 DWC Hydroponic Growers are seeing 30%-40% faster growth in the HydroBucket

“I am a newer grower and I absolutely love your product. I did my first two grows with different buckets and this current one I swapped to Hydrobucket and I’ll never look back.”


Verified Purchasers

“Great buckets, really well designed, put the plants straight in with the foam pad supplied. Makes it nice and simple to check your water level and remove / add water without disturbing the plant”


Verified Purchasers

“These buckets save you so much struggle. No more smashing my plants against my lights to get buckets out. No more spills or dropped pales. (Done multiple times) I can even run a syphon line right to the reservoir, eat a snack, then come back to a full bucket and fed plants. I have more buckets coming. Might need a bigger tent. Might also do some outdoor hydroponics this season.”


Verified Purchasers

“These buckets save you so much struggle. No more smashing my plants against my lights to get buckets out. No more spills or dropped pales. (Done multiple times) I can even run a syphon line right to the reservoir, eat a snack, then come back to a full bucket and fed plants. I have more buckets coming. Might need a bigger tent. Might also do some outdoor hydroponics this season.”


Verified Purchasers

“Just got my Hydobucket and man it’s outstanding, thank you. So easy to change out nutes.”


Verified Purchasers

“These things are awesome. Ease of access door to check water is a plus, price could be cheaper. Will hold a plant that can produce over a lb.”


Verified Purchasers

“Thanks for being the Best part of the Industry! With your product, I have gained much confidence in growing with no prior experience in the DWC world. I look forward to continuing to grow with you guys as you come out with new innovations! Many Many Thanks from TEXAS!”


Verified Purchasers

“Just wanted you to know that I love your buckets. It makes everything so easy to do. I switched out my water in less time, less mess, and less plant disruption. Thank you again for you help and great product.”


Verified Purchasers

“I’m a beginner grower and I found the Hydrolid very easy to do low stress training with. It also fits nicely on my other 5 gallon buckets too. I appreciate this for when I'm cleaning out the Hydrobuckets, I can just pop my plant onto the other bucket and it makes it easier. Highly recommend”

Plantaholic Lady

Verified Purchasers

Better Yields.
Less Hassle

For DWC Hydroponic Growers who are busy managing a full garden - the HydroBucket simplifies your plant management.

With the innovative side reservoir, just pop the side cover off, check the nutrient solution, and do your maintenance.

All without having to lift the plant out of your bucket.

6 reasons your next grow needs to be in a HydroBucket

1. Built with high quality food grade plastic

Safe and durable materials for your plants. HydroBucket can be easily cleaned and guaranteed to last without cracking.

2. Innovative side reservoir

Test pH and EC/ppm, transfer fluid, and inspect roots without moving the plant.

3. Increased Reservoir Volume

The side reservoir allows for more volume when at operating level compared to a standard 5 gallon bucket.

4. Best system for new DWC growers

The Hydrobucket was designed with beginners in mind. The most user-friendly way to build confidence with DWC hydroponics.

5. Patented design you can’t get elsewhere

Unique and innovative design exclusive to Hydrobucket.

6. Built for convenient growing

This hassle-free grow system is perfect for busy growers who have a lot on the go.

HydroKit Starter

HydroKit Advanced

HydroKit Professional

Start growing in 3 steps


Mix your nutrient solution


Stick your plant in the HydroLid


Conduct nutrient checks without lifting the plant

90 Day Money Back Guarantee

If you're not completely satisfied with your purchase, just return the product within 90 days and we'll give you a full refund. No questions asked.

Our guarantee is simple: we believe in our product, and we want you to believe in it too.

What other growers are saying about the Hydrobucket

How we stack up

Easiest to use DWC system

Grow one plant and see for yourself why thousands of indoors growers love their HydroBucket

90-day full money-back guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the concept of hydroponics?

Hydroponics is a method of growing plants without soil, using nutrient-rich water solutions. Instead of soil, plants are supported by inert mediums such as perlite, rockwool, or clay pellets. This system allows plants to receive a balanced diet of nutrients directly through the water, promoting faster and more efficient growth. 

Is the Hydrobucket good for beginners?

Yes, hydroponics can be easy for beginners, especially with the right hydroponics kit. The HydroBucket system simplifies the process, making it accessible for those new to hydroponic gardening. 

What are the three advantages of hydroponics?

  • Faster Growth: Plants grown hydroponically tend to grow faster than those grown in soil due to the direct access to nutrients.

  • Space Efficiency: Hydroponics allows for gardening in smaller spaces, making it ideal for indoor setups and urban environments.

  • Water Conservation: Hydroponic systems use less water compared to traditional soil gardening, as the water is recirculated and reused.

  • Efficiency: Plants are grown without the use of medium saving time and resources.

How do I start my own hydroponic garden and what do I need to start?

To start your own hydroponic garden, you will need a few essential components: 

  • • Hydroponic Seeds: Choose quality seeds that are fresh for optimum germination.

    • Nutrient Solution: Choose a quality nutrient line that is designed specifically for Hydroponics. A balanced nutrient mix is crucial for plant growth.

    • Lighting: A quality LED light designed for growing plants that can deliver adequate intensity and spectrum.

    • Hydroponic Kit: A comprehensive kit like the HydroKit Starter, which includes the HydroBucket, HydroLid, HydroPod, AirStone, AirPump, High Quality Tubing, HydroPlug and HydroFit 3.5” Neoprene Insert, simplifies the setup process.

  • For more information check out our FAQ's.

What plants can be grown hydroponically?

A wide variety of plants can be grown hydroponically, including:

  • Leafy greens such as lettuce, spinach, and kale

  • Herbs like basil, mint, and cilantro

  • Vegetables such as tomatoes, cucumbers, and peppers

  • Fruits like strawberries and melons

  • Medicinal plants thrive in a hydroponic environment

Hydroponics for beginners often starts with fast-growing plants like lettuce and herbs, which have shorter germination periods and are easier to manage.

What is the germination period for hydroponic seeds?

The germination period for hydroponic seeds varies depending on the plant species. Generally, it takes about 3-10 days for seeds to germinate in a hydroponic system. Using a Hydroponic Seed Starter can help speed up this process by providing optimal conditions for seed germination. 

Why choose Visionary Hydroponics products?

Visionary Hydroponics offers innovative and user-friendly solutions for hydroponic gardening. Our products, such as the HydroBucket, HydroLid, and HydroPlug, are designed to simplify the growing process and ensure optimal plant health. With Visionary Hydroponics, you can achieve successful and sustainable hydroponic gardening, whether you are a beginner or an experienced grower.  

What’s your return policy?

We are proud to offer a risk-free, 90-Day Money-Back Guarantee on all of our products. To start a return, you can contact us at Then we’ll send you a return shipping label, as well as instructions on how and where to send your package.

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