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Versatile and Reusable Hydroponic Growth Module

A HydroPod is included with each HydroLid. Can be used separately for DIY multi-site containers.

The HydroPod is your game-changing solution for flexible, efficient hydroponic gardening.

The HydroPod is purposefully designed for an optional 3.5" neoprene insert and is reusable and dishwasher safe. While a HydroPod is included with each HydroLid, it can also be purchased separately for DIY multi-site containers.

Our patent-pending design enables a wide variety of grow styles, including the innovative option for medium-free growing.

Improve your root-zone fluid circulation, reduce/eliminate pest problems and monitor plant health with ease.

  • Increased grow-style flexibility throughout the full range of plant-life stages
  • Patent-pending design allows option of medium-free growing and dramatic reduction/elimination of pests
  • New design sections the root mass, improving root-zone fluid circulation
  • Open concept increases root-zone airflow, simultaneously eliminating organic debris trapped in a wet medium
  • Easy monitoring due to open concept increases plant health—better upper root mass visibility and hassle-free access for application of root-zone growth products
  • Purposefully designed for optional 3.5” neoprene insert
  • Reusable and dishwasher safe.


HydroLid sold separately.